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coconut cake

coconut cake, originally uploaded by ~~mia~~.

my family has this rather odd, obsessive attachment to the Pepperidge Farm Coconut Layer Cake. it comes out at birthdays with near-religious consistency; and truthfully, when it’s defrosted right (yep! it comes in a tidy little box, found in your grocer’s freezer section) it is pretty tasty. of course, it has no redeeming nutritional qualities, but then it is a cake.

so imagine my surprise and delight to stumble upon this wonderful blog, where featured under Food Porn Friday was a homemade version of the same cake. this picture is the cake i made from the recipe, and the only thing i should have done is made it the day before like the recipe specifically states. yes, this is a NEXT DAY cake. there is some magical alchemical process that improves the flavor and texture exponentially overnight–just trust me on this.

the next time i make this cake, i’ll probably use less sugar, as it came out very, very sweet. but oh, this cake is good.


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