my perfect summer sandwich

summer sandwich, originally uploaded by ~~mia~~.

oh, yeah–it looks simple, but it tastes oh-so-marvelous.

assemble a fresh-baked scissor roll, (still warm) with a slab of good mozzarella and a thick slice of right-off-the-vine beefsteak tomato. the tomato can also be salted with a little fresh-ground sea salt, if preferred.

later in the season, slices of pan-seared vegetarian sausage bring this morsel right into the fall.


World’s greatest grocery store

1_3, originally uploaded by spookafeller.

This summer I was in Stockholm, Sweden.  This is a photo of Ostermalm’s Saluhal, a grocery store there that resembles an old-fashioned, indoor farmer’s market.  The individual islands are operated separately, and some specialize in breads, while others meats, fruit, etc.  While the prices are pretty high (typical of Stockholm food in general) the selection is incomparable, particularly for cheeses and honey.  If you’re ever there, do yourself a huge favor and go there with a hearty appetite. 

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